We just finished cleaning up the tissue paper off the floor and ice cream off our faces from Juliet's 2nd birthday!  It has been the 2nd fastest year of my life but definitely the most fun by far. 

The party was centered around a "kitten" theme that, by the end, took a retro turn. She loved the basket full of kittens and started "meowing" the second that she saw them so I knew it was a win on our part.  We went with "kittens" because of her uncanny ability to spot a cat at 500 yards and because she thinks that every animal says meow.  

I found the stuffed kittens at IKEA a while back and thought they resembled the kittens in the vintage greeting cards and pictures that my grandmother, (and I'm sure your's too), had around her house as a kid.  I always loved their sweet faces and expressions.  I found this adorable print on Etsy and used it to make her invitations on Photoshop and the rest just fell into place.  The little girl was a perfect match to our sweet girl... down to the little blonde curls.

I wanted a really fun, yet simple display in the dining room when everyone arrived so we made place settings for all the kids complete with plates, ice cream bowls, & milk glasses.  Then I made white, pink, and red balls of yarn & little bells to decorate the table.  I love how the ombre look turned out!  

I also kept up the tradition from last year and made her birthday cake!  However, this year it didn't fall completely to pieces and thankfully, I only had to make it once.  (I did buy multiple cake mix boxes and icings... just in case!)  I used a lemon cake mix and cream cheese for the frosting and piped it on to look like string or yarn... hopefully.  I found the beautiful peachy pink roses at Trader Joe's and they were the icing... errr, flowers??? on the cake.

The adults had a BBQ spread, but for the kids I made PB&J sandwiches cut into "cat ears" and goldfish.  We ended the night with cake and ice cream, which was a perfect end to a perfect day.  Second only to the fact that Juliet actually blew her candles out after we sang happy birthday.  Then the room deflated with awwwws.... Everyone melted.  

I think she was truly sad when everyone went home, so we turned on Beauty and the Beast, put on the Belle nightgown that my Mom got for her, & snuggled up with all her Belle dolls to watch a little before bed.    
We love you heart and soul Julie-boo & hope you had a fun, fun day.