*Month 4*

7:49 PM
Our four month photo shoot was quite comical.  It began ok, but the longer it went the more restless she became.  It looked something like this...

Moments to remember!

Settling in for the night before a snow day with Mama!

Valentine's Day!

Relax... I'm not letting her eat out of the bowl.  We are smelling the vanilla in the cake mix!

Our Weekend & Getting Baby Better

3:02 PM
With our baby girl's birthday in October, that leaves her first little months spent in the cold, cold winter.  We have tried to keep her inside as much as possible.  I'm thankful for the couple of warm days that we've had where we could enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood or a quick trip to Target.  Sad to say, Juliet started sounded congested Sunday night and she's been fighting a cold ever since.  Poor girl!  It is so hard when they are sick AND this little... So we just rested most of the weekend and watched episode after episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV.

I've compiled a list of all the things we've used to try and help her feel better.
The Vicks Baby Rub has really helped her.  I put it on her feet with socks at night, on her chest, and a little on her nose/upper lip.  Also, one thing that REALLY has helped was turning on the shower and closing the door to let it steam up the bathroom.
Giving her a bath in the sink with Johnson's vapor bath in the steamy room.  (This really helped reduce swelling and open up her sinuses.)  Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a firm believer in the Nose Frida.  I don't know how mom's lived without it before!
The Vicks waterless vaporizer is actually something that I've had since college and I simply put in the bed beside her at night while she sleeps.  And let's just say this... even though she's sick, she has sleep all night ever since we put that in her bed.  She's on the up & up!

On a happy note, Daddy had a Spanish test this weekend so we made him a "Good Luck" cake to help him out!  This is one of our favorite cakes because it's light and not too sweet. You can find the recipe here.

We think that she got sick from us taking her to church- can't win for loosing! But doesn't she look pretty for Sunday School?!  One of my friends bought that dress for her for Christmas and I just love it- I couldn't wait for her to wear it. 
Our sweet Juliet. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

February Festivities

1:08 PM

It's Valentine's weekend and we are getting a feel of what holidays are going to be like for the next several years and I have to say, we are in for a fun ride!  
Valentine's morning we woke up to gifts and pancakes!  Joey had stopped by the butcher and picked up a pound of hickory bacon, and I made us heart-shaped pancakes. We read stories to Juliet and spent the rest of the morning being lazy.  While Joey went on a bike ride, I got little miss down for a nap and then we hit the town for a bite to eat and a quick trip to Crate & Barrel.  Here are a few gift ideas that we picked out for our girl and a couple snapshots of the day.

We love her books and watercolor illustrations!

My gift from Joey
(I had mentioned wanting it a while back and then forgot all about it.. aren't those the best surprises?)

 valentine onesie: Old Navy (no longer available)

Happy Valentine's Day my love.  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful-family-fun-love-filled day!


The Lishias