Monday, June 19, 2017

Potty Training {During & After}

I honestly had no intentions of sharing all this because 1. I'm no pro and 2. ewww... a whole post of pee and poop.  However, I had so many questions DM'ed to me on Instagram after posting that our girl was, for the most part, potty trained in basically 3-4 days, I thought I would do a post on how it all went down and hopefully give you some realistic expectations on what can REALLY happen and how we handled it.  I plan on keeping you guys updated if there are any regressions or changes as well!  But so far this is our story.  {I wrote this right after the 5 day mark.}

If you don't have time to read this whole thing, here's a short "what we did" version:  

Start taking them to the potty way before you plan on potty training them. 
Get them familiar with the toilet and the idea of using it.
When you decide to go for it, start by clearing your schedule for 3 days.  
Make a trip to the store the day before you start and buy all the things you'll need. 
      (You can find my shopping list at the end of this post.)
Set a timer on your phone for every 30 mins.  30 mins should be good for a 2.5 year old.   
      (I chose a happy jingle- something that was just for the potty, not the same as my email or text.)   
Keep them naked from the waist down for the first 2 days.  Don't break out the panties until day 3.  
Have the potty seat close by for the first 2 days then move it into the bathroom on day 3.  
Pump them with lots of fluids!  More practice = More success!  
And finally, rewards!!  Even when you think they are potty trained... Keep the rewards coming! 

Ok... now for the looong version!

Back in March, (Juliet was 2 years and 5 months), I decided that I would start getting Jules familiar with the idea of potty training.  I bought a potty insert for the toilet and I would take her first thing in the mornings after waking up.  I usually kept her preoccupied by letting her brush her teeth, sing songs, or read a book while sitting on the potty.  (Make it a fun thing.)  After a couple mornings of doing the same routine, one morning she actually peed in the potty!  I cheered and basically freaked out, so she knew it was something that made me very happy and would give her accolades!  (That is a huge incentive for her.)  I started setting the alarm on my phone for every 30 mins and letting her wear panties around the house but she had soooo many accidents!  Even with taking her periodically throughout the day, she still had accidents.  I realized that the training pants that I had bought her were actually the problem... she was using the training pants as a diaper.  They were the really-thick-in-the-middle Gerber training pants They are sooo absorbent that it doesn't allow ANY liquid to escape... just like a diaper.  She wasn't understanding that they weren't a diaper.

Now, keep in mind, (for those of you that do not know), Juliet is delayed in speech and has CAS (childhood apraxia of speech), which made communicating with her about the accidents extremely difficult.  Back then she was only saying/understanding a hand full of words.  The speech delay made me apprehensive about starting and continuing to potty train, but I knew she was capable so we kept going forward.

Then came March 12th.  The Reader's Digest version goes something like this, Juliet was admitted into the hospital for a procedure on her small and large intestine.  We were there 4 days.  It was a very scary and traumatic time for her, (and us), so obviously potty training was not our main focus.  After it was all over and she was better, I continued what I was doing before... I still let her go when she wanted but I didn't push it.  I wanted to make sure that her body and mind was healed from all the trauma she had experienced before we started consistently using the potty.

Now fast forward 2 months, to the day actually, of when she was dismissed from the hospital.  I did exactly what I stated earlier, I picked 3 days, cleared my schedule and bought everything we needed to get this done!  Even with her not speaking clearly, I knew she was completely capable and I figured she could handle a big change and a challenge now.  So here's what our days of potty training kind of looked like... You'll see moments that were both, discouraging and encouraging.  It's all a part of it.  Just don't give up!  And remember to clap and go insane with even the smallest of successes!  Also, don't let them see you banging your head against the wall over and over, whatever you do!   


8:30- Wake up.  Pull-up off!  Naked from waist down.  Sat on the potty for 5 mins.  Didn't go.  

9:00- Sat on potty for 5 mins.  Didn't go.

9:30- Sat on potty for 5 mins.  Didn't go.

9:55- Peed in the our bedroom floor.  She cried and wouldn't move... was completely frozen by the weird feeling of pee on her legs.  LOL!  I led her to her potty and sat her down.  I didn't realize that she had stopped herself from going when she realized she was wet and she actually finished going in her potty.  We cheered and clapped!  I gave her a piece of a KitKat, (which was the candy of her choice), and told her over and over again that it was because she peed in the potty!  She was SOOO excited!

10:30- Didn't go.

11:00- Peed in the kitchen floor.  Sat her on the potty.  She didn't have to go anymore.  "Oh well.  Next time."  Cleaned up the mess, changed her shirt, and didn't mention anything else to her.

11:30- Didn't go.

12:00- Didn't go.

12:30- Nap time.  I put a pull-up on her for nap time.

2:30- Wake up.  Her pull-up was SO heavy!  Didn't go.

3:00- Snack time.  I sat her on the potty right after this and she Didn't go.  

3:30- Peed in the living room.  Sat her on the potty and she started to poop.  We all lost our minds with excitement.  She got to pick a princess, (which was of coarse, Belle), but still wanted her KitKat.  LOL!

4:15- Didn't go.

4:45- Didn't go. Decided to space out the time more to give myself a rest and also because I could tell that taking her so often was starting to get on her nerves.  She was starting to cry when I would take her so I backed off 15 mins.

5:30- Peed for days!  Got a KitKat and lots of hugs, kisses, and "I'm proud of you's".

6:15- Didn't go.

7:30- Bath and Bedtime Routine.  I sat her on the potty before putting her in the tub.  She did go!! And I put a pull-up on her for bed.


8:30- Wake up.  Pull-up off.  Sat on potty for 5 mins. Didn't go.

9:15- Started to pee in the laundry room but she finished on the potty.  Still a successful thing, in my opinion!  Cheers and a KitKat!  

10:00- Peed in the kitchen.  I'm guessing she didn't finish??  Who knows?

10:45- Didn't go.

11:30- Didn't go.

12:10- Was starting to act funny so I sat her on the potty while she watched Moana.  (Thinking that would relax her enough to go.)  She finally peed around 12:20.

12:30- Nap time.  I put a pull up on her for nap time.

2:30- Wake up.  Pull up soaked.  Didn't go.

3:15-  I showed her a KitKat and she walked to her little potty and sat down with her hand outstretched.  Hilarious!  I told her, "No, you have to go tee-tee if you want a KitKat".  She peed the smallest amount that she could and shouted, "yay!"

4:00- Had a small accident but wouldn't finish in the potty.  Acted aggravated and scared.  Took her off and didn't make her sit there for the 5 mins.

4:50- Didn't go.

5:30- Didn't go.

6:15- Didn't go.

7:30- Bath and Bedtime Routine.  I sat her on the potty before putting her in the tub.  She did go!!  We cheered and clapped and ate a KitKat in the tub!  I put a pull-up on her for bed.  Since she held it for 3.5 hours at the end of the day I decided to put her in underwear the next day.


8:30- Wake up.  Pull-up off.  Sat on the potty for 5 mins.  Peed on the potty!! Yay!  KitKats for breakfast!  Put panties on her.  We made a big deal out of the panties!  We got dressed together and talked about how she was like Mommy now.  :)

*** Side-note: I started to notice that she was starting to play with her little potty.  She would sit her dolls on it and put toys in the bowl.  I didn't want her to start thinking it was a toy so I moved it from our living room to the bathroom right beside the big potty.

9:15- Didn't go.

10:00- Didn't go.

10:45- Didn't go.  Decided to start waiting an hour between takes instead of 45 mins.

11:50- Didn't go.

12:30- Nap time.  I sat her on the potty before putting a pull up on her for nap time and she went!!  

2:30- Wake up.  Didn't go.

3:30- Didn't go.

4:30- Didn't go.

5:30- Went to the corner of the room and I could tell she needed to go POOP.  She had already started to go, but she DID finish in the potty!  Poop is always harder for them to do, they say.

6:30- Didn't go.

7:30- Bath and Bedtime Routine.  Didn't go.  I put a pull-up on her for bed.


The Saturday night after starting potty training on Wednesday, we took her bowling with her cousins and even though I was nervous about how she would do, I still put panties on her and just made sure that I took extra clothes for her, me and lots of KitKats.  LOL!  She did perfectly!  No accidents.  I took her to the bathroom twice and she used it once.  We also took the little potty with us and let her use it before we left, in the back of our car.  She didn't go, but it was a peace of mind knowing that she tried.  I made sure that she sat on a hand towel in her carseat, just in case.  Sunday she went to Sunday School in panties and didn't have an accident.  I took her to the bathroom after church and she peed, as pretty as you please!  She was also dry after her nap on Sunday and has been ever since.  I buy her the Nighttime pull-ups for sleeping.  She still needs something at night and these are more absorbent than regular pull-ups.


We have taken one road trip to the beach since we began and to eliminate accidents and using gas station restrooms, we took the portable potty along with us.  We kept a small space vacant of luggage in the trunk and put a towel down with the potty on top.  Make sure to take along the clorox wipes to wipe out the bowl after each use.  We found somewhere secluded to park and it made things so much easier and quicker!


We recently had a couple days when Jules' stomach was a little upset and to save ourselves and our upholstery, I put a pull-up on her.  I know people say to not do this and that it will make them regress but we didn't experience anything like that afterwards.  One reason I think she didn't regress is because I still took her to the potty and helped her stay dry, but kept the pull-up on her to manage any clean-up.

1.  Potty seat- We chose the Summer Infant My Size Potty because it looks real and I thought that      would help her understand what it's used for and make the transition to the big potty easier.  We also use this potty in the back of the car when we have to go places.  You can put your clorox wipes in the back compartment of the potty plus any reward/treats, books, or anything else you might need.  Great buy!

2.  Juice Boxes-  Set them up for success!  I bought the Honest Kids Fruit Punch pouches.  I knew it was something that she was would drink a lot of and therefore, be more successful.  More practice = more success!

3.  Candy- I took Jules to the candy aisle and let her show me which ones she wanted to take home.  She handed me a bag of KitKat bars and Starbursts even though she had never had either of them before, it's what she picked and I rolled with it.

4.  Prize- I found this My Busy Book at Barnes and Noble and it came with eleven Princesses.  I sat each Princess on our mantle (out of her reach) and told her that each time she went p**p in the potty that she could pick a Princess.

5.  Clorox Wipes- To wipe the potty out after each use.

6.  Panties/Underwear-  I let Jules pick, but I didn't pull these out for her to wear until day 3, though.

I hope this helped in someway... I know it's a lot of information but I tried to include every detail!  Mainly because, every potty training article I seemed to come across (like the Pull ups website) had good ideas but didn't really prep you for how much failure there would be and how to handle the failure.  So just know that there WILL BE ACCIDENTS!   Lots of accidents and the accidents do not mean that they aren't getting it or that you're doing a bad job.  Just keep rolling with it and don't give up!  Also, the bribes really helped... a ton!  It was pretty adorable once Jules learned what the candy and prizes were for and how to get them, she would start clapping and cheering for herself as soon as she sat on her potty to make us think she went.  Well played, Jules.  Well played.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ocean Isle 2017

Every year we take to the beach come Memorial Day weekend.  We go with the same friends each year and it's become a summer tradition that we absolutely love.  However, this year was extra special.  It was the first year that we all have babies.  We're all Mamas and Daddies now but that didn't keep us from staying up late and partying like real thirty year olds.  Like watching lightening storms on the balcony in rocking chairs while our babies slept.  Such good times!

While we're there we usually go to the beach first thing in the morning, come back for the kids to nap and then head out for dinner that evening.  Ocean Isle is a small, quiet beach town that has everything you would want for a fun but slow time with family and/or friends including ice cream shops, putt putt golf, great restaurants, and the cutest coffee shop.  It's getting harder to go out and eat each night we're there with bedtimes and all, but we try to hit as many of our favorite spots as possible.  Most places have live music, outdoor seating, and the seafood is some of the best!  We always come back on Monday but if you're there on Tuesday nights during the summer they show outdoor movies right beside the museum. The place is idyllic.    

Come March or April every year, depending on the weather, we start counting down the days until we see those surf shops and t-shirt huts come into view.  Juliet was absolutely in love with the ocean this time around.  We could. not. keep her out of the water.  Her favorite thing to do was to run from the shore into the water as fast as she could while colliding with the waves.  However, my favorite was when she started acting out scenes from Moana.  I started playing the soundtrack for her while she splashed in the water and the excitement was almost more than she could handle.

It was so hard saying goodbye, but we know it's just the beginning of summer and hopefully our toes will be in the sand again soon!  

beach pants:  Nordstrom- sold out (find similar ones here)

What are some of your favorite North Carolina beaches?  


The Lishias

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with the ones you love!  All I wanted this year was a lazy day at home in my pajamas with my loves.  My mom is usually here visiting this time of year so it's always nice that I get to spend Mother's Day with her.  She lives 8+ hours away so this time of year is extra special.  We spent the afternoon Saturday picking strawberries at a local strawberry patch here in Charlotte.  They have activities for kids plus tractor rides, snacks and music.   It's the cutest and while we were there Joey turned to me and said smiling, "I could see you owning a place like this".  Ummm... YES, LET'S!  A little place like this in Wilmington.  Or a Christmas tree farm in Vermont. (Que Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.)  I'll take either.  For really though, if you're in the area, it's really a fun place to visit!  If not, check you area for strawberry patches near you, it's a definite must-do before they're out of season!

Mother's Day is becoming more and more special to me each year.  I can't begin to describe how blessed I feel to be one of the celebrated... one of the tribe of Motherhood.  I get so caught up in the chaos that is our lives lately that I have to stop myself and remember that her little toes won't be little for much longer, her voice won't be as tiny tomorrow, and one day she'll have better things to do than to follow me to the bathroom.  I'm trying to drink it all in but I'm afraid that I won't know how special these days are until they're a memory.  Life's funny that way.

On a brighter note... one of my favorite things about Mother's Day is the yummy brunch we usually have all together Sunday morning in our pajamas.  This year I decided to try my hand at a french toast bake.  I combined a french toast recipe and a sopapilla recipe together so that I could use up a few strawberries that we had picked the day before and I think I created a winner!  I posted a picture to Instagram and had so many people commenting or DM-ing me for the recipe so I thought I'd share it here.

I used a 4-inch deep round pan that was actually my grandmothers, which made it all the more special on Mother's Day, plus it was perfect for standing the slices of bread up to form a rose shape.  You obviously don't have to do this... You can lay the slices down, roll them up, however.  Just remember that it has to cool in the fridge for several hours so it's best to make it the night before.  Believe me.  It's sooooo worth the time.



1 loaf of brioche bread
fresh strawberries
1 block (8 oz) of cream cheese
5 eggs
1 cup of heavy cream
1 Tbs of honey (best with our North Carolina sourwood honey)
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1/3 cup of sugar
Powder sugar for topping


Spray pan with non-stick spray

If standing bread upright:  Arrange bread standing and sprinkle in chunks of cream cheese and sliced strawberries

If layering bread:  Add half of your loaf to the bottom of pan and sprinkle in cream cheese and strawberries.  Top with remaining loaf and press down.

In a mixing bowl, mix together your eggs, heavy cream, honey, cinnamon, and sugar.

Pour over the top of your bake until covered.

Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.

Remove from your fridge 30 minutes before cooking.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and place covered bake in and bake for 30 minutes then remove foil and bake for 20 minutes or until top is golden brown.

Let it cool then sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with Cracker Barrel syrup.  Devour!

Now, go lay on the couch and don't move for 3-4 hours!


The Lishias

Friday, May 12, 2017

2 years + 6 months

I don't know what is more shocking, that I'm about to celebrate my third Mother's Day or that my little girl is almost three!  In the meantime, the terrible twos have definitely showed up to the party.  She can go from having a hissy fit in the aisle at Target to giving you hugs and kisses out of the blue all, in the matter of seconds. So it's true what they say, little girls really are sugar AND spice.

The biggest moment since January, has been when she had a health scare back in March and had to be hospitalized for several days.  We're beyond relieved to be able to write that everything is fine and she's the perfect picture of health but these next few snapshots are from when she was feeling quite the opposite... it was so hard seeing her this sick, but it's good to be reminded of where you've been so you can be thankful for where you are.

The first picture was taken when she was at her worst and weakest; right before the doctor came in to do the procedure.  The ER nurse had let me borrow an iPad that had all the songs from Frozen downloaded onto it and that kept her focused and somewhat alert.  The second picture was right after the procedure and we were headed to recovery.  The last picture was taken 2 days later and she was feeling back to herself again... hence the boots, balloons, and silly face.   

She has started protesting naps and bedtime somewhat but we are still doing a good job on potty training so there's that... or as Juliet would say, a"guh-sob".  She is the most loving little girl I know.  I'm convinced her love language is/will be physical touch because we all get approximately 2,359 hugs and kisses a day.

Juliet- 2.5 years Favorites

clothing- Her rain boots and headbands
toy- Calico Critters... she will literally play with these things for an entire day.
food- Nutella sandwiches...  preferably with added marshmallow cream.  
song- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Theme song from Winnie the Pooh
snack- Strawberry yogurt
pastime- playing in the sink with measuring cups and spoons or play Mario Run on my iPhone
outdoor activity- throwing rocks into the creek that runs through our yard and I'm going to predict that the sprinkler will be a HUGE hit in a few weeks.  
color- Weh-Woah *yellow*
character/movie- We don't have cable/satellite so most of what she watches is either YouTube videos or Winnie the Pooh on Netflix, but we're starting to introduce her to different characters that are for older toddlers like Olivia, Max and Ruby, Berenstain Bears, and WordWorld!

We stay up late now-a-nights laughing about things she did or said during the day.  She sings and jabbers in her own little language non stop all day, which she thinks we should be able to understand.  She loves pretending that she's a cat by meowing and licking the closest thing to her, including you or the playground equipment.  Gag.  She's still the pickiest eater of all time, but we still offer her everything under the sun.  What's crazy is that she use to eat EVERYTHING we put on her plate then at 20 months she slowly started refusing things until now she basically just eats carbs, fruit, yogurt, and Nutella by the jar full.  Nutella for life.  Which, by the way, these Nutella french toast rollups are amazing and you've got to try them this weekend for your Mother's Day brunch!

Speaking of Mother's Day, I wish all you Mamas reading this a very Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!  My Mom and I already snuck in early pedicures before things get crazy this weekend at all the nail salons and I'm so glad we did.  Our local salon is always a madhouse on Mother's Day weekend and Valentine's Day.  Make sure you take some time out for yourself this weekend too.. just to celebrate you and ALL you do.

Thanks for following along and keeping in touch.  Have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love most!


The Lishias

Friday, May 5, 2017

Staging the House with Pantone

Once our decision was made to move to Wilmington, the next step was to get things ready for our current house to go on the market.  I'm in the process of staging each room for pictures next week and  I'm starting to pack a little in the process.  Two things I'm focused on now are minimizing the clutter and adding some life to the room in small ways.  The easiest (and cheapest) way to do that is buying greenery for your home.  When I think of greenery, I think life and fresh air, which always revives and energizes the room and the people in it.  I bought this herb container the other day at Crate and Barrel and I love it in our kitchen!  You can plant up to 4 different types of herbs and it comes with a pair of pruning scissors.

photo via Crate and Barrel

  I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman and their Florida real estate team to create a mood board for the 2017 Pantone color of the year, greenery.  It's the perfect color to add to any room no matter the decor whether it's through actual plants or through things that are simply green.  Here are a few of my favorite green pieces I already own or items on my wish list!  

You can also incorporate color into your home with less conventinal ideas.  Like adding a basket of cookbooks to your kitchen counter or a small stack on an end table in your living room.  This can be cost effective, fast, and can have a huge impact on the overall look of your space.  A few of my favorites right now that are How to be a Wildflower, The Weekend Cookbook, and Living with Pattern.

Green chalkboard's can also help liven up a space.  I bought Juliet this easel chalkboard at IKEA  and I painted the black board with rustoleum chalkboard paint.  It's an element that can be playful but versatile enough to be used in a kitchen for shopping lists or in a living room.  {click on pictures for better quality}

Here's a few more places we've added green into our home.  Our green velvet sleeper sofa in the office from West Elm and our Pantone chartreuse pocket door in the kitchen.  Both were a little daring but paid off big in the end! 

So I hope you found some inspiration, (and courage), here if you're thinking about adding some color to a room or multiple rooms!  Green is such a great option, even if you are more of a neutral person when it comes to home decor.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  XO!

disclaimer:  The beige paint color was not our personal choice, it was the color of every room when we moved in and we've only painted a handful of rooms since we moved in last year.  


The Lishias


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Weekend

Juliet's interest in Easter is still mostly because of the Easter bunny and all the eggs but the love is definitely there.  We woke up and ate a quick breakfast before getting ready for church and diving into easter baskets.  Juliet got a new lovie, (since we lost her horse that she bonded with while in the hospital on our last trip to Wilmington), Tegu blocks, a night light, bunny ears, markers, nail polish, candy, and a book.  Everything she pulled out of the basket accompanied a gasp and a "wow, whaaat's diiiis?".  

We came home after lunch with the family and hunted eggs in our yard.  I didn't stuff those eggs with anything and Juliet kept opening each then looking at me like, "what's your angle woman"... After realizing that the eggs were empty it became her mission to give them all to me instead of putting them in her basket.  I think it was her subtle way of telling to put candy in them.  

It was a long day but a good one... and a tiring one for some of us.  

Since Easter we have been either hiding, looking for, or stepping on plastic eggs.  They usually stick around forever, but this year they're all going to make their way into the attic or the trash very soon.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family.  XO

-P.S. All the photos were taken with my phone so they're a bit grainy... sorry.