The weekend after Thanksgiving is ultimately our favorite weekend out of the year.  Full of leftovers, naps, and putting up the Christmas tree!  This is the first year that we've bought a real tree and we couldn't wait to get out the door and head to the tree farm lot to pick out the perfect one.  We spotted it within minutes and they loaded it up for us... on my wagon, nonetheless.
(Perfect car to transport a tree!)  We asked them to cut off a sliver of the tree before loading it up, for a keepsake.  So far we're loving having a real tree, mess and all.

We let Jules grab the step stool and put the ornaments wherever she wanted and I seriously have to say, she did an awesome job.  I loved watching her space them out ever-so-perfectly, making sure that she didn't put one too close to the other.   We didn't do tinsel this year, mainly because I'm still sucking up strands tinsel into the vacuum from last year.  We love seeing Juliet understand more and more each year about the season and all it brings.  Watching Christmas through the eyes of your child is all the gift we need.  Well, that and a new furnace.  


The Lishias