It's so fun getting to know her!  As little as she is, she already has her likes and dislikes.  She has always liked her bath time.  She makes the sweetest sounds when she feels the warm water, plus she yawns the whole time- it's seriously the sweetest thing to watch!  And when all else fails this little girl loves to rock; in her glider that is... I think it has to do with the reflux.  Also, she loves to hear people having discussions.  When Joey and I are talking or when we're listening to NPR, she gets really quiet and concentrates as though she's really listening and contemplating the discussion.  :)  Lastly, to all who have little ones at home or about to have a little one of your own, the Sleep Sheep is well worth every cent!  It goes everywhere with us.  I use it every night and I also attach it to her car seat when we go places.  It immediately calms her down!  The only thing I do not like about it is the fact that it has a timer and sometimes when it goes off, she wakes up.  Other than that it's an awesome product... definitely needs to be on your "must haves" list.  

As far as things she doesn't like, she does not like getting dressed or being on her tummy.  We've tried tummy time already a couple of times to help with the reflux and she gets really upset.  However, she can hold up her head like a champ!  So... no worries. 

Speaking of things we like, here are some of my favorite things to use since I've become a mommy.  
Links to the items are listed below.

We love the baby bjorn; it's not bulky and hard to strap around your body. Plus, it makes carrying your baby effortless.  We took it to Biltmore with us and she slept in it during the entire tour!  

Any monitor is a must, but this is the one I liked best because of the night vision.  I can literally see her little chest moving up and down, and also because the camera moves in all directions. 

And don't even get me started on Baby Magic.  I love that the smell doesn't wear off; I can still smell it when I snuggle her the next day!  

Scrubbie brushes are mostly used to treat cradle cap, but I bought them because you can use them so easily in the bath.  I use the sponge side to apply shampoo and then gently comb through her "hair".  I've noticed a couple times cradle cap starting to form on her head, but using these has pretty much prevented it from continuing or getting worse.  Also, these brushes smooth down fly aways on baby, (and mommy on the go), when they have longer hair.  

I haven't had any pain from breastfeeding and not many other issues either, but these thermapearl pads are amazing feeling when you put them on warm.  You just pop them in the microwave for a couple seconds and apply them a couple minutes before baby nurses.  They can help increase your supply too.  (Better than eating those nasty cookies.)  

And like I mentioned before, the Sleep Sheep.  Winner!

Also, I have found that Pampers work best for us.  I think this is probably a preference thing, but we don't have to change clothes a million times when she wears Pampers... if you get my drift.  I initially was on the Honest bandwagon, but when I actually used them I didn't like them.  Like I said, it's a preference thing.  They are adorable, but I didn't like how they felt or fit on Juliet.  And just like the Honest Co., you can get Pampers shipped directly to your front door each month through Amazon Mom, just click here and sign up!  

Lastly, I added our boppy to the list.  DON'T JUDGE ME, but Juliet slept in her boppy for the first 3 weeks.  I put it in her sleeper, (we have the nuna sena mini), and she would sleep 3-4 hours at a time from the first night!  It helps with her reflux as well.  I don't use it for breast feeding much, but it's essential for tummy time or just for relaxing.  

 Here are some pictures from the weekend.  
Like I mentioned earlier, our Jules loves her thumb! 

And she has to be able to see what's going on... so curious!  
(This tummy time lasted all of 2.5 seconds.)  HAHA!


The Lishias