I just want to say... this year was definitely fun, but I can't. wait. until next Halloween.  

We decided not to take Juliet Trick-or-Treating this year since she still doesn't really understand it all yet. We DID take her to a festival Saturday morning, though.  Her favorite thing there was the clown making balloon animals.  We asked for an orange kitty cat since it correlated with her costume.  She was the witch from the story, Room on the Broom.  I don't think she had any clue as to who she was, but she loved the hat!  We kept dying laughing because without the witch's hat it looked like she was a little old lady in the Red Hat Society with the red and purple + brooch.   

We mostly celebrated Halloween with "spooky" movies, books, decorations, and yummy festive treats on the weekends with Daddy.  Some of our favorite Halloween books that we read each year are (obviously), Room on the Broom, Ghosts in the House, Boo Haiku, Eek! Halloween!, and If You're Spooky and You Know It.  A couple other books that aren't necessarily Halloween, but still a fun read this time of year is Little Owl's Night and Stellaluna.  

We tried to bring a little bit of festiveness into each room... No room left behind! But mostly it ended up being the living room area and Juliet's room because- let's face it- they're my favorites.  

This picture has to be one of my favorites.  Leaves + Pumpkins + Cute Babe.  Doesn't get much better. By the way, I never want to sweep those leave away.  So pretty. 

I hope you all had a magical weekend with your littles... 363 days until the next Halloween!