*Month 6*

7:40 PM
Other than all of her milestones for month 6, Juliet also got to experience her first Easter and her first birthday party!  This month was extra fun.  :)  

She's becoming more independent every day.  This month she has started scooting on her tummy and rotating in an effort to grab out-of-reach toys.
And apparently reading up on the latest sales at Babies 'R' Us. 

This picture captures her little hands in such a sweet way.  Also, we are getting more hair!  
It's brown... like mommy and daddy!  

We also celebrated her 1/2 birthday!  Once on the 26th, her actual 6th month birthday, and once when Daddy got back from out of town.  Look at that gummy smile... It's just too much sometimes.    

Love my sweet, beautiful girl.  So excited about what we'll learn about each other in month 7! 


The Lishias

Easter Weekend & Spring Break

2:53 PM
Well, our girl is a blanket baby.  She uses her thumb + a blanket to chew/rub on to soothe herself to sleep.  She hasn't felt the best this weekend.  I'm chalking it up to allergies.  Everything is covered in pollen and we are all sneezing, red eyed, and snotty.  Ugh.  Nevertheless, it was a fun weekend full of jelly beans, plastic eggs, and peeps!

My father-in-law came down from PA Saturday, so we had some of our Charlotte family over and Joey threw some chicken on the grill.  It was so fun having the kiddos over to play with Juliet.  She thinks they are hysterical. Plus, you can't go wrong with a lot of family and a lot of food!

My Pal Violet was her bunny gift from my mom, which she has gotten to play with for the past month, but we still brought it out and put it with her Easter basket.

One of our Spring Break outings was spent hitting up Target the day after Easter for all the sale goodies!  I was able to buy her an Easter basket for next year as well as some other fun stuff.
All of it was 50% off!

Here are some other snap shots of our week together! :)

Babies!!  They make me say things like, Staaaaaappp!  It was such a fun week of doing whatever we wanted; shopping, lunches with Daddy, 5-hour playdates, brunch with friends, doctor visits, and preparing myself for two more months of school.  
All my teacher friends, repeat with me:  "Two. More. Months... We. Can. Do. This!" :)

Spring Family Photos 2015

7:59 PM
I'm so excited to share a few of our family photos from last weekend. We took them at our photographer's 4-acre farm.  She captured these beautiful photos of our sweet girl in less than half an hour in her driveway!  I love how they turned out.  I am a victim of postpartum hair loss and I've had to use a diffuser on my hair to help volumes it and hide all bald spots and baby hairs.  On the other hand, Juliet looked cute as a button in her Easter bow from Her Joyful Studio and dress from Zara baby.  

I hope you all have an enjoyable Easter with your friends and family! 


The Lishias