Sharing a quick update on the house that we Joey did over the weekend... Sunday to be exact.  We were discussing our plans for the house on the way home from church and decided that now is as good a time as any to rip down those unsightly shutters.  The house has 10 black louvre shutters on the front of the house and 4 down the right side.  They definitely make the house look smaller than it is... but not anymore!  It took him about an hour to take them all down and the house looks so much bigger.  It definitely has given it more of a mid century vibe, which is what we are wanting.
Here are a few before and after photos!

And to get the job done, all you will need are these tools...

Just kidding.  All you need is a crowbar, well and probably a ladder.

Now to decide on a paint color for the brick.  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! 
(And if you're in Charlotte, your "rainy" Tuesday.)