April 2016

This month has been a rough one to say the least...  Whew!  As I stated in our last month, Juliet had an unexplained fever in March.  The doctor said it was probably allergies seeing as her right ear was a bit infected.  Being sick has thrown her eating and sleeping out of whack.  Foods that she usually would scarf down, she's now turning her head from and we were having to rock her to sleep again at night.  Most nights she will wake up between 2 and 4 and from exhaustion and illusiveness we just bring her into bed with us.  (Ever been there?)  HA!  

   We also celebrated my 30th 2nd 29th birthday this month, the end of spring semester for Daddy, and simply the fact that warm weather is now upon us!  We're loving all the beautiful flowers at the grocery store and bright red strawberries!  This time of year is just gorgeous.  The warm weather has also allowed us to do a bit more work on the house, but more on that later.  Right now, here's a summary of our girl's 18th month of fun.  

Age:  18 months

Stats: 22 lbs 3 oz

Sleep:  Waking in the night a couple of times & co-sleeping a couple of nights. There were nights when her fever would come back or one night she had an episode that resembled an asthma attack.  It put my mind at ease to have her next to me on nights like those, so she slept in the middle.  The transition back to her normal sleeping routine took about 3 nights.  

Clothing:  It's finally warm enough for her to wear her rompers and bodysuits.  I can't get enough of chunky bare legs in the sunshine!  I just put away all her 12-18 months clothes this past week and took the tags off her 18-24 month things and a few 2T dresses.  How can this be happening?

Favorite Foods:  We've discovered that she love maraschino cherries, which honestly- who doesn't?  She would eat an entire jar if I would let her.  Other than cherries, she's been eating a lot of raisins, peanut butter crackers/toast, maple & brown sugar oatmeal, tortillas with honey, carrots, & mangos. Since we don't have a functioning kitchen yet I don't cook the way I usually do so I've had to give her  Gerber 2nd foods pouches to improvise for "veggies" in some meals.  Hopefully that won't last too much longer.     

Words:  Hi/Hey are still the easiest two words for her to say.  However, her first phrase to say is "I did it", which sounds more like, "I diiiii"!

Favorite Things:

Favorite Activities:  Walking from one end of the house to the other with her push toys.  She has yet to take more than 5 steps by herself but she will book it down the hall and through the house on wheels.  Also, we can't keep her out of the kitchen cabinets and since they're still empty, they are the perfect place for hiding.  The days of reading to her are few and far between because she loves to turn pages.  The only books we can get through successfully are books with one word on each page.  (The only way to read a story book to her is if she has a cookie in each hand, but that's how I like to read too so......)
Funny Things I do:  Her mean face/eyes are just too much.  You don't know when they're coming or why, but occasionally you will get the stink eye and it is absolutely too cute!  She also likes to feed you and it doesn't always have to be food- it could be hangers, paper, or crayons.  After she offers you a bite she always takes a "bite" herself and then smacks and says, "mmm-mmm-mmm" while shaking her head!

Other Milestones:  We are using a fork regularly now and she does a great job controlling it.  We're still working on the spoon.  We are now officially have temper tantrums also.  She completely goes limp and bursts into tears.  It's pitiful.  She's found her belly button and of coarse she likes to find everyone else's too.  She likes to scribble/color and she personally signed everyone's Mother's Day cards this year. 


Walking with Daddy

2nd haircut

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!