First Trimester

4:13 PM

I'm glad to report that I have not been sick at all during my first trimester!  I do feel a bit peckish when I go too long without eating.  It took me a few days to realize that I have to eat more and that I better pack a few extra snacks in my lunch box or I'd probably faint before 12:15!  I'm also glad to say that Spring is here in Charlotte.  Finally!  The temperature has been in the 70s all week long and the trees are absolutely gorgeous!  Joey snapped this photo at the entrance of our neighborhood on Saturday to commemorate my first trimester being over!  I didn't realize until later that both of my "prego pics" have been taken outdoors in two different seasons.   I guess I'll have to keep that going... What to do for a summer belly pic???  Hmm... 

First Trimester Recap

Sleep: I've been sleeping well except for the multiple trips to the bathroom and the midnight hunger pains.  I'm thinking of going back to my college years and keeping a mini refrigerator next to my bed.
Belly Button: In
Maternity Clothes:  I'm in that weird stage where not many of my regular clothes still fit, but maternity clothes are still a bit too big.  I have this weird urge to touch my belly when people look at me with that look...  "Is she? or Isn't she?"
Weird Moments:  Not any as of yet.  
Best Moments:  Seeing the baby move for the first time!
Cravings:  Yes.  Condiments.  I could basically just eat dressing or ketchup by itself.  
Weight Gained: 4 lbs.  
Looking Forward to:  Heading to Texas next Saturday to see friends and family.  No one has seen us since we found out the big news!  Here's to the last few times we pack for 2! 


The Lishias

I'm... We're Expanding!

11:28 AM
We are so excited to announce that we will be welcoming the first little Lishia into the world this October!  Can you believe it?  We're going to be parents...  OMG, we're going to be parents! 

It was a Friday night after work and I had dinner with some friends after work.  I told one of my girlfriends that I thought I might be expecting... maybe.  After dinner when I dropped her off at her car, she warned me that "if I found anything out that weekend that I better let her know.  This made me laugh so hard, but I finally decided to take her advice!  Haha- so glad I did!

First ultrasound photo - February 24th 

2nd sonogram

3rd doctor visit

This picture was taken the week after we found out.  It snowed that week 10 inches at our house.  So I had 3 snow days to sit on the couch and scour Pinterest for fun baby stuff!  Since then, not so much.  

Thank you all for reading and following along.  
We can't wait to welcome this little peanut into the family.  


The Lishias