Summer Movie Bucket List

1:22 PM
July and August usually brings a lot of evening thunderstorms to the East coast and it's one of my favorite things about Summer around here.  We've usually spent the day out and about or outside playing, so the rain starting in the evening gives us the best excuse to ignore the dinner dishes and turn on a movie!  We sat down the other night and added a few Summery movies to the queue that we want to re-watch before the season is over.

Popcorn on the stove, a drink in hand, window cracked to hear the rain... "Hey, Google... play movie".  
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What movies are on your Summer bucket list?


The Lishias


The Fourth Week(end)

5:01 PM
We just got back late last night from our four seven day stay in Ohio with Joey's sister and her family.  We left Saturday afternoon after a friend's baby shower and had only planned to stay until Wednesday but with all the fun we decided to stay a few extra days!  We absolutely love taking road trips and always embrace summer with open arms knowing that the season is full of weekend getaways, vacations, and day beach trips!  However, with a 2 year old it can be hectic with the frequent potty stops... and even though we made 1,625 stops on the way there, she still had an accident in her carseat.  We had to unbuckle it, strip it down, wash it, put it back together, then buckle it back in after an eight hour trip.  Toddler 1.  Mom 0.

Nevertheless, the week was so fun; full of delicious food, late night board games, wet grassy feet, sticky hands, and cozy movie days.  Juliet had so much fun seeing her cousins and Joey had fun trying to eat all the Cincinnati chili possible.  We did sparklers, sprinklers, snow cones, sidewalk chalk, and left the kids with Pappy while we snuck out for a late night showing of Wonder Woman.  There were yummy pancake breakfasts and early morning donut runs.  We always wish that all of our families would live closer together because we always have so much fun!  We love them to pieces!

We tagged along to their local Fourth of July festival on Tuesday, and it was legit Sandlot style.  It was on a baseball field, kids running everywhere by themselves, (including Juliet at times), food trucks, balloons, live music and of coarse fireworks.  It was Jules' first time to see fireworks and luckily we didn't have to use any ear plugs... and it's a good thing because I didn't have any.  And the Prepared Mom Award goes to.... drumroll.....

Wednesday, Joey's sister and I took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo and ended up getting to see the 6 month old baby hippo, Fiona.  The zoo is also their botanical gardens which made it gorgeous and especially shady!  Juliet welcomed a spiny-tailed lizard with open arms and didn't really understand why she could only pet it and not hold it or better yet bring it home.  We were a tired, sweaty mess when we left but it was such a beautiful day!

It was such a nice break from Juliet's therapy, social media, and everything adult.  We will get back to reality very soon, but for now.... Harry Potter movies in bed and all the caffeine in the world.


The Lishias