Every year we take to the beach come Memorial Day weekend.  We go with the same friends each year and it's become a summer tradition that we absolutely love.  However, this year was extra special.  It was the first year that we all have babies.  We're all Mamas and Daddies now but that didn't keep us from staying up late and partying like real thirty year olds.  Like watching lightening storms on the balcony in rocking chairs while our babies slept.  Such good times!

While we're there we usually go to the beach first thing in the morning, come back for the kids to nap and then head out for dinner that evening.  Ocean Isle is a small, quiet beach town that has everything you would want for a fun but slow time with family and/or friends including ice cream shops, putt putt golf, great restaurants, and the cutest coffee shop.  It's getting harder to go out and eat each night we're there with bedtimes and all, but we try to hit as many of our favorite spots as possible.  Most places have live music, outdoor seating, and the seafood is some of the best!  We always come back on Monday but if you're there on Tuesday nights during the summer they show outdoor movies right beside the museum. The place is idyllic.  

Come March or April every year, depending on the weather, we start counting down the days until we see those surf shops and t-shirt huts come into view.  Juliet was absolutely in love with the ocean this time around.  We could. not. keep her out of the water.  Her favorite thing to do was to run from the shore into the water as fast as she could while colliding with the waves.  However, my favorite was when she started acting out scenes from Moana.  I started playing the soundtrack for her while she splashed in the water and the excitement was almost more than she could handle.

It was so hard saying goodbye, but we know it's just the beginning of summer and hopefully our toes will be in the sand again soon!  

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What are some of your favorite North Carolina beaches?  


The Lishias