*10 months*

11:34 AM
This month we welcomed a new little love into our daily life!  I started keeping my friend's little boy while she goes back to work.  He and Juliet are 10 days apart so me and his mom were pregnant at the same time... which is the BEST!  (You always have someone to talk to about all the weird wonderful things happening to you during pregnancy.)  Juliet is seriously loving having a playmate!  It's so sweet to watch them when they see each other for the first time each day, it's as if they haven't seen each other in weeks.

In other news... We have two teeth!!  Both bottom teeth are through and she is chowing down on any and all food that we give her.  This girl loves to eat and does a great job of feeding herself.  Since we have new teeth, she also loves "popsicles" which are just ice cubes in her mesh teether.  You say the word "popsicle" and she comes running, well crawling at a really high rate of speed.

{ Trying to sneak up on Daddy. }

{ Grilling outside. }

 { She loves when I do "my very best Spanish accent". }  
{Please excuse my wet hair & no makeup look...  Juliet pulls it off better than me. } 

{ August is our rainy month and she loves sitting in the door and watching it fall. } 

 { Relaxing and watching George.  It's August and hot, if you can't tell. }

{ I only do this face for the camera. }

{ Loves to lick syrup off the pancake. }

 { Such a snuggle bug.  Especially after a bottle. }

 { I have a bad habit of sneaking into her room at night to check on her and sometimes snap a photo... Do you think she'll be ok with this at 16? }

Bow  :  Sun Suit

You're growing into such a fun little person Juliet, and we love you so much it hurts.  

Our Favorite Teethers

7:59 AM
Here are some of our favorite teether toys along with a couple home remedies that we've tried. I truly believe that they make a difference.  Juliet began teething at 4 months, but we didn't have any teeth appear until 8 months.  The one thing that we've been blessed with is that she hasn't had a runny nose or fever with teething... yet.  (Now watch her nose start runny as soon as I publish this post!)  I hope this helps save you awesome mommies some shopping time plus trial & error. 

1.  //  Juliet also likes the Nuby silicone teether.  It's easy for her to hold and since it has a ring on the bottom I can attach it to her shopping cart cover, (this is the one we have), with toy links.  

2.  //  I also bought this necklace from Etsy.  It's versatile and resembles a real piece of jewelry.  I also have a red silicone Silly Monk, but I can't wear it with everything.  This one I can!  It's also a great length. She doesn't have to lean over to be able to gnaw away!  

3.  //  These mesh food feeders are also an easy way to relieve teething pain.  I'm sure most of you have either done this or have heard about it, but it definitely works!  I put an ice cube inside the mesh bag and hand it to her.  It relieves her pain and keeps her busy for about 10 mins.  I like that it has a handle on the bottom for her to hold that isn't cold.  Most ice teethers, you have to place in the freezer, which means that the entire thing is freezing cold and they can't hold it for a long time.  

4.  //  A wooden spoon is also a handy piece of equipment!  I know that you don't want to carry around a wooden spoon in your diaper bag, so this is mainly something you can use at home.  I have a little short one that I give to her when she's in her highchair.  However, she swings it around pretty violently these days...  It may not be around for awhile!  

5.  //  Another remedy is something that my Aunt told me about when we were home at Christmas.  You can rub a little bit of liquid benedryl on their gums!  I swear by this.  I asked my pediatrician why it works so well and he said it's because their gums itch with their teeth are coming in and that's mainly what irritates them the most.  And don't worry, it isn't enough to knock them out or make them drowsy.  I notice that when I rub it on Juliet's gums she seems more content.  She usually does the whole bite-down-so-hard-her-head-vibrates thing, but with this she doesn't.  

I've also heard that chamomile tea on a dish rag is helpful as well.  However, we haven't tried that. 
Do you guys have a favorite?  (Remember, we're still going through this so any advice is welcome!)
Enjoy the rest of your week!