This month we welcomed a new little love into our daily life!  I started keeping my friend's little boy while she goes back to work.  He and Juliet are 10 days apart so me and his mom were pregnant at the same time... which is the BEST!  (You always have someone to talk to about all the weird wonderful things happening to you during pregnancy.)  Juliet is seriously loving having a playmate!  It's so sweet to watch them when they see each other for the first time each day, it's as if they haven't seen each other in weeks.

In other news... We have two teeth!!  Both bottom teeth are through and she is chowing down on any and all food that we give her.  This girl loves to eat and does a great job of feeding herself.  Since we have new teeth, she also loves "popsicles" which are just ice cubes in her mesh teether.  You say the word "popsicle" and she comes running, well crawling at a really high rate of speed.

{ Trying to sneak up on Daddy. }

{ Grilling outside. }

 { She loves when I do "my very best Spanish accent". }  
{Please excuse my wet hair & no makeup look...  Juliet pulls it off better than me. } 

{ August is our rainy month and she loves sitting in the door and watching it fall. } 

 { Relaxing and watching George.  It's August and hot, if you can't tell. }

{ I only do this face for the camera. }

{ Loves to lick syrup off the pancake. }

 { Such a snuggle bug.  Especially after a bottle. }

 { I have a bad habit of sneaking into her room at night to check on her and sometimes snap a photo... Do you think she'll be ok with this at 16? }

Bow  :  Sun Suit

You're growing into such a fun little person Juliet, and we love you so much it hurts.