Flashing back to our Halloween last year, we spent most of the day at the EENT doctor and the rest of it was spent nursing, eating cupcakes, refilling the candy bucket, and staying up way past our bedtime watching Halloween movies.  She was only 5 days old, but you better believe that we found the time to throw some candy in a bowl for our sweet neighborhood kids!  Halloween is such a huge event in our neighborhood and it's always so fun to see all the littles in their creative costumes.  So from 5-8 we peeked through the blinds to creep on all the cuties.  We kept giggling because we could hear all the tween girls "awww" and "gasp" at the huge pink stork in our front yard while saying, "ahhh- there's a baby in there... awww"! 

This year we will be celebrating this fun time of year, more than likely, like the rest of you- with fall scented candles, fun pajamas, football, and pumpkin everything.  Here are a couple of our favorites from this year's Halloween shops!  And yes, we do start celebrating holidays 1-2 months in advance.  Hey- Don't judge... you should be impressed with my ability to say no to Christmas music in September!  

Also, I'd love to hear of any Halloween traditions that you have with your kiddos; such as, movies, treats, parties, etc.  Enjoy this fun time with your little ones!