It's always a little bittersweet letting Summer go.  I love Fall and the newness that it brings, but I love the laziness of Summer too- (not to mention all the free time that we have with Daddy to do whatever we want).  This was Juliet's first summer and because of that it will always be a precious time in my mind.  Fall always makes me think of school supplies, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards!  However, for us, it's mostly the time of year for repainting and repairing our patio and porch furniture, saying hello to long-lost warm comfy sweaters and gaining extra pounds from all the yummy Fall-flavored recipes I find on Pinterest.  I will miss Summer and miss seeing Juliet's chubby legs hanging out of summer bloomers, cooking out in the backyard, and hearing the ice cream truck roll through the neighborhood in the evenings.  Many great memories were made and I'm very thankful.

Happy first day of Fall everybody!