Just over the past couple days I've watched Juliet become more independent and not only inquisitive, but adventurous.  She's testing her limits when it comes to mobility but she's a very careful and cautious girl, though.  She'll move very slowly when she's unsure and squint and blink her eyes if something is in her "bubble".  She hasn't taken any steps, but we're buying her a babydoll pram for her birthday that may encourage her to take a few!  We're a month away from her birthday and we're all very excited.  Also, as you can tell in the picture, she's getting really hard to photograph.  They usually have blurry arms and/or legs but always a sweet smile.  

She loves putting things on her head.  She took my cap, put it on her head and this happened.  Perfection.

Having a piano duel with her buddy before our road trip to Ohio to visit Joey's baby sister and her family for Labor Day weekend.

{30 minutes into the road trip}

Watermelon on a hot day is way better while sitting on the counter.

Her newest baby cousin, Harper.

Some nights we have to read ALL the books.

{Exploring reflective objects}

{Game. Face.}  Bring it Pats!

We took her 1 year photos this month with Princesse and the Pea photography.  Elise has taken all of Juliet's pictures so far and we love her work.  Can't wait to share more!