*Month 7*

8:03 PM
I just put away all of her 3-6 month clothes and we are now in 6-9 or 6-12, mostly.  Emotional times, I tell ya.  As far as firsts are concerned or special moments, Juliet went to Sunday school for the first time.  She didn't cry when we left and when we ran went to get her she was asleep on one of the teachers.  Needless to say, I think she felt comfortable there!

 Her 6 month appointment went well.  It was actually scheduled after I wrote about her month 6, so here are a couple pictures from that visit.  

Wrapping herself up like a taco in the puppy pad mat was her favorite thing to do during her visit. 

Poor baby got an ear infection, runny nose, and 
runny eyes after leaving the doctor's office for her checkup.

Feeling much better!

More moments from month seven.

 Her bracelet was a "dedication" gift from Joey and me, along with her bible.  
It was actually my first bible so passing it along to her is pretty special.

Having a "Marilyn-Moment". 

 Helping Daddy open his birthday gift!  Happy 30th, Joey!

 Sitting in a highchair for the first time at Chuy's.  Good God- That ranch dip.

 I tell people all the time, if I knew all my babies would be like her I would have 12!  

In other news... I have 14 more days of school and I can't wait to be out and spend my days with her.  Bring on Summer!

Memorial Day Getaway

6:26 PM
I'll admit it... today, I'm sulking because it's all over.  We had such fun time at Ocean Isle with friends!  It was Juliet's first time at the beach and we loved taking her to experience another first.  
She wasn't a fan of the water... She'd rather stay on her sand pallet with her toys.  
She trembled all over watching the waves and "pouty lipped" when we put her toes in the water for the first time.  Sitting under the umbrella in the shade with her buddy-friend, Jackson, was more her jam.  

 Sharing pink starfish and little red boats.

The ocean waves served as our real life sound machine.
She fell asleep as soon as we got there, both days.  

Naps after being in the sun all day are the best! 
(She's wearing her monogrammed MudPie bloomers from Auntie Amber.)
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The last night in Ocean Isle we went to the pier and out for dinner as well as one last walk on the beach.  I love all the pictures we captured on the water.  I even snapped a couple of Juliet after she was rescued by Daddy from the scary wet stuff!  

 We came home to a neighborhood covered in red, white, and blue- thanks to our HOA- everyone had their flags waving, and sashes hanging from their balconies.  We ended our day with hamburgers and sea mud face masks.   It's all just mere memories now, but definitely one for the books!

Mother's Day Weekend

7:17 PM

Not only was this (technically) my first Mother's Day, we also dedicated Juliet at church this  morning.  I was so excited that we were able to be apart of the Mother's Day dedication; it made it all the more memorable.  She made the day so special just by being her happy, silly self.  Here are some more snapshots of the day... (minus the part where I had a sick, splitting headache-UGH!)

 She is so silly.  She blew "raspberries" all. day. long.  
She's known how to do this for a little bit, but for some reason she did it today non-stop. 
 Finally decided that I better snap a picture of those juicy lips!

My Mother's Day gift consisted of these white hydrangeas that I plan to plant in the backyard.  Even though every time I look them I'll probably think about when you were little enough to carry around on my hip and just burst into tears all the time.  Oh well, nothing a bag of fun-yuns can't fix.

We ended the day swinging and rocking on the front porch.  
We are loving these Summer Spring evenings!

*Click on the picture to watch the video of the dedication*
Juliet's Dedication

Hope you all had a very memorable Mother's Day! :)