Not only was this (technically) my first Mother's Day, we also dedicated Juliet at church this  morning.  I was so excited that we were able to be apart of the Mother's Day dedication; it made it all the more memorable.  She made the day so special just by being her happy, silly self.  Here are some more snapshots of the day... (minus the part where I had a sick, splitting headache-UGH!)

 She is so silly.  She blew "raspberries" all. day. long.  
She's known how to do this for a little bit, but for some reason she did it today non-stop. 
 Finally decided that I better snap a picture of those juicy lips!

My Mother's Day gift consisted of these white hydrangeas that I plan to plant in the backyard.  Even though every time I look them I'll probably think about when you were little enough to carry around on my hip and just burst into tears all the time.  Oh well, nothing a bag of fun-yuns can't fix.

We ended the day swinging and rocking on the front porch.  
We are loving these Summer Spring evenings!

*Click on the picture to watch the video of the dedication*
Juliet's Dedication

Hope you all had a very memorable Mother's Day! :)