Other than all of her milestones for month 6, Juliet also got to experience her first Easter and her first birthday party!  This month was extra fun.  :)  

She's becoming more independent every day.  This month she has started scooting on her tummy and rotating in an effort to grab out-of-reach toys.
And apparently reading up on the latest sales at Babies 'R' Us. 

This picture captures her little hands in such a sweet way.  Also, we are getting more hair!  
It's brown... like mommy and daddy!  

We also celebrated her 1/2 birthday!  Once on the 26th, her actual 6th month birthday, and once when Daddy got back from out of town.  Look at that gummy smile... It's just too much sometimes.    

Love my sweet, beautiful girl.  So excited about what we'll learn about each other in month 7! 


The Lishias