It's Valentine's weekend and we are getting a feel of what holidays are going to be like for the next several years and I have to say, we are in for a fun ride!  
Valentine's morning we woke up to gifts and pancakes!  Joey had stopped by the butcher and picked up a pound of hickory bacon, and I made us heart-shaped pancakes. We read stories to Juliet and spent the rest of the morning being lazy.  While Joey went on a bike ride, I got little miss down for a nap and then we hit the town for a bite to eat and a quick trip to Crate & Barrel.  Here are a few gift ideas that we picked out for our girl and a couple snapshots of the day.

We love her books and watercolor illustrations!

My gift from Joey
(I had mentioned wanting it a while back and then forgot all about it.. aren't those the best surprises?)

 valentine onesie: Old Navy (no longer available)

Happy Valentine's Day my love.  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful-family-fun-love-filled day!


The Lishias