This is becoming more fun each day!  She is developing the sweetest personality.  Every time I come home from work she has started or discovered something new.  For instance, she has started shouting.  We went to a baby shower this weekend and when we walked in, I guess she felt like she needed to say something too, since Mommy was greeting & hugging everyone.  She yelled out twice and then grinned and ducked her head into my neck as if she had embarrassed herself.  

She also found her hands this month!  She holds them at chest level, clasped together, and it makes my knees weak every time.  Another thing that she loves is her tissue paper flowers in her room. The flowers make a rustling sound when the air comes on... they make her so happy.  She coos and smiles at them while they shimmy.  I try so hard to video her, but as soon as I pull out my phone her attention goes to it and she forgets about the flowers.  

As for me, I'm still pumping at work and it's getting monotonous.  It's not like I have a job that I can take a break from when I need to... I have to find someone to watch my class and usually by the time that happens I'm about to POP!  TMI, I'm sure.  Anyways, I'm probably going to call it quits come next month.  She will be 4 months and beginning cereal so I'm going to talk to her doctor and my lactation consultant to get their opinion and then make a final decision.  

We've mostly stayed inside from the cold this month.  We did have family come down for a visit last weekend, which is always fun and Juliet found out that she is going to have ANOTHER cousin! :)  

I hope you all have had a wonderful month... 
We're still hoping for a few snow days before this winter is over.  

*Happy New Year*

Family photos are becoming slightly more difficult to capture!

Keeping mommy up until 2 on a school night!

Oh dear.  I have become my grandmother.  
Wrapped those ears up to watch Daddy put up our Penn State flag!