So far we've bought two new lights for the front entrance; 4 pendant lights, 1 flush mount for the entryway, a couple of can lights, and a light/fan combo for the screened-in porch.  Yeah... we've kind of gotten a little carried away with the pendants, but I we just love them!  I really want to buy one more (for the study), but I think it might be a little much.  Ahhh- who cares.  I'm doing it!

I am writing this post in 2 parts because we still lack installing some of the lights that we've bought.  So here's Part 1!

The lights are the newest things on the porch... even the planters were bought 3+ years ago and the bottom has completely rotted fallen out of one of them! :)  I plan on replacing them with tons of giant pumpkins in a few months anyway!  (I can't wait... Hurry up Fall!)  I also can't wait to see these cute little mid-mod lights on a freshly painted porch & house! It's going to look so different.

Yelp- Joey installed all the lights for us.  I will be posting a installment how-to on the 2nd post.
Just in case you're reading this in a poorly lit room and feeling a bit bored and friskaaay.  :)

Looks like they're wearing tiny top hats... so cute!  (And also... It looks like the painter must have been sooooo ready for lunch when he painted this side of the porch.)


Our entryway also has an updated light!  It needed something flush, small, and simple since it's not a large space.  The light is from CB2 and was good price and size.  Plus, with the gold details, it will match the other lights perfectly. The mount is gold at the top....


...and the inside of the bell is gold as well.  Love it!
We're ordering another one of these lights for the hallway and two of these bulbs to go inside them.

This is obviously in our laundry room and instead of mounting the light where the socket was actually located, we swagged? swung? swished? (whatever), the light to the front and center of the window.  This window is on the front of our house so you can see the light from the outside.  :)  Looks dreamy at night.


And lastly, Juliet's room.  She has a gorgeous prism shaped light in her room that I wish I would've had in her nursery when she was a baby.  I mean, just look at the flecks of light and shadow on the ceiling and walls.  Gorgeous!  She would've been entertained for hours.  Maybe for the next baby we can disassemble a disco ball, take the spinning mechanism out and put it on this one.
Best. Day. Ever.

Light:  sold out // similar here

Hope you enjoyed a small sample of our improvements.  Do you guys have pendant lights in your home?  How many is too many, ya think???  Someone stop me!