With less than a month away from her birthday and all the renovations still going on, we are knee deep in party prep and man glitter over here!  Plus, we're having a yard sale tomorrow morning so my mind is in several different places.  In an attempt to get centered, I sat down and uploaded a few of my favorite pics from a quick little photoshoot we did in the yard with the "almost" birthday girl! 

She absolutely loves looking through books so I incorporated some of her favorite stories in the shoot.  I also had to include her trusty sidekick, "kii kaaa", (kitty cat).  That plush toy cat has gone everywhere with her over the past year and when I had to decide on a party theme, it was the one thing I knew she loved.  So needless-to-say, she's having a kitty cat birthday bash!  Perfect timing with all the black cat halloween decor on the shelves this time of year.  I think she'll be pleased! :)  

It's been quite a ride with you the past two years, little girl.  Making sure you have everything you need, (and/or want... lol), has gotten a little easier, but mostly leaves me feeling like I should be a circus attraction by the end of the day.  Is "crazy lady" a thing at the circus?"  We're starting to get a little more sleep and a little more energy but all the lost sleep and energy has definitely been WORTH IT and I wouldn't trade you for anything! 
Love you, Julie girl. 

Dress  //  Bow   //  Blanket  //  Kitten

To end the post, here's a list of the books that we've been loving the past few months!  
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and much cooler weather.