Once our decision was made to move to Wilmington, the next step was to get things ready for our current house to go on the market.  I'm in the process of staging each room for pictures next week and  I'm starting to pack a little in the process.  Two things I'm focused on now are minimizing the clutter and adding some life to the room in small ways.  The easiest (and cheapest) way to do that is buying greenery for your home.  When I think of greenery, I think life and fresh air, which always revives and energizes the room and the people in it.  I bought this herb container the other day at Crate and Barrel and I love it in our kitchen!  You can plant up to 4 different types of herbs and it comes with a pair of pruning scissors.

photo via Crate and Barrel

  I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman and their Florida real estate team to create a mood board for the 2017 Pantone color of the year, greenery.  It's the perfect color to add to any room no matter the decor whether it's through actual plants or through things that are simply green.  Here are a few of my favorite green pieces I already own or items on my wish list!  

You can also incorporate color into your home with less conventinal ideas.  Like adding a basket of cookbooks to your kitchen counter or a small stack on an end table in your living room.  This can be cost effective, fast, and can have a huge impact on the overall look of your space.  A few of my favorites right now that are How to be a Wildflower, The Weekend Cookbook, and Living with Pattern.

Green chalkboard's can also help liven up a space.  I bought Juliet this easel chalkboard at IKEA  and I painted the black board with rustoleum chalkboard paint.  It's an element that can be playful but versatile enough to be used in a kitchen for shopping lists or in a living room.  {click on pictures for better quality}

Here's a few more places we've added green into our home.  Our green velvet sleeper sofa in the office from West Elm and our Pantone chartreuse pocket door in the kitchen.  Both were a little daring but paid off big in the end! 

So I hope you found some inspiration, (and courage), here if you're thinking about adding some color to a room or multiple rooms!  Green is such a great option, even if you are more of a neutral person when it comes to home decor.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  XO!

disclaimer:  The beige paint color was not our personal choice, it was the color of every room when we moved in and we've only painted a handful of rooms since we moved in last year.  


The Lishias