Juliet's interest in Easter is still mostly because of the Easter bunny and all the eggs but the love is definitely there.  We woke up and ate a quick breakfast before getting ready for church and diving into easter baskets.  Juliet got a new lovie, (since we lost her horse that she bonded with while in the hospital on our last trip to Wilmington), Tegu blocks, a night light, bunny ears, markers, nail polish, candy, and a book.  Everything she pulled out of the basket accompanied a gasp and a "wow, whaaat's diiiis?".  

We came home after lunch with the family and hunted eggs in our yard.  I didn't stuff those eggs with anything and Juliet kept opening each then looking at me like, "what's your angle woman"... After realizing that the eggs were empty it became her mission to give them all to me instead of putting them in her basket.  I think it was her subtle way of telling to put candy in them.  

It was a long day but a good one... and a tiring one for some of us.  

Since Easter we have been either hiding, looking for, or stepping on plastic eggs.  They usually stick around forever, but this year they're all going to make their way into the attic or the trash very soon.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family.  XO

-P.S. All the photos were taken with my phone so they're a bit grainy... sorry.