I haven't done a post in, what feels like, forever... so what better way to start things hopping again than an Easter post!  (Pun intended.)  I know it's officially Spring, but we are finally getting actual Spring weather and it's so refreshing.  I always love playing the Easter Bunny this time of year, especially with Jules getting older!   It's also nice to focus on something other than Spring cleaning, therapy sessions, or hospital bills.  The dust is still settling for the most part but we are feeling better and better everyday!  

Easter is in 2 weeks and I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration for filling your little one's basket(s)! :)  We usually pick a cute book, (or twelve), for Juliet's basket as well as fun bunny ears or pajamas.  I like to stuff her plastic eggs with bows, play dough, nail polish, bubbles, and stickers.  Also, Target's dollar bin has the cutest things right now!  I'm so excited about reading A Little Princess with Juliet because it was one of my favorite movies and books growing up.  I also ordered her this bracelet from an Instagram shop called Braided Mermaid and I was blown away at how much I loved it in person!  There's also a set of Tegu blocks that we will quickly add to our bag we take to restaurants. Any other mama's have a survival kit for restaurants? Can't leave the house without ours.
So here ya go, our Easter roundup!

What's going in your baskets this year?  
Share your ideas with us in the comments. XO