As of last month we have her room all ready for her and now this month, her bag is all packed for the hospital!  Packing our hospital bag was kind of like buying the tree at Christmas, it's so much fun getting ready for the BIG day!  Here's a list of everything I've packed or will pack for baby Juliet, Joey, and myself.  

My Bag //  
                robe                                            Colace                             
pj tops and bottoms                    dry shampoo
1 nursing bras                             deodorant
                going home outfit and shoes       soap
                shower shoes                              mascara
                heating pad                                 foundation
headbands                                   concealer
hair ties                                       bronzer
hairbrush/comb   chapstick
toothbrush/toothpaste/gum         body spray/lotion
face towelettes                            breast pads

Baby's Bag  //
baby hat with matching swaddle blankets
going home outfit
heavier blanket

Dad's Bag //
change of clothes
                shower shoes
protein bars
blanket and pillow
phone and charger
Other //
insurance card
photo id
cell phone and charger
camera battery charger

*Added to list after I had Juliet: Bring an extra bag for all the things the hospital gives you when you go home and a neck pillow!  Best of luck for all you mamas packing your bag right about now!


The Lishias