Well, ready or not she'll be here in T-minus 7 weeks tops.  Seems like a lifetime away; I'm so ready to meet her!  I've been told that I definitely have the "first mommy syndrome", and I'm claiming it proudly.  :)  Pretty much everything is done and we are all just patiently awaiting her arrival.  So get ready for photo overload, we've finally completed her nursery (for now).  You can also see all the pictures of her nursery on Project Nursery's website, here.

     I will eventually hang curtains, (in my entire house), someday but for now this will do.  I'm also contemplating whether or not to hang the pictures on the wall...  I haven't found enough things or prints to create a gallery wall just yet.  To hang or not to hang...?

To Do:
Paint room (Opaline by Sherwin Williams)
Purchase all furniture
Buy a rug
Hang shelving (for books)
Stock changing table
Make and hang tissue paper pom poms
Buy and hang artwork
Make mobile
Organize closet
Mount camera for monitor

Still need:  
Trash can
Bed skirt
More pops of poppy red color


The Lishias