It's October!  Your birth month... just don't know the exact day (which is torture)!  So because we don't know when you will make your grand arrival, we thought we might better go on a last date night before becoming mom and dad.  This whole pregnancy has gone by so fast.  I will miss your sweet kicks and feeling you hiccup after I eat.  So far, you have shown us no signs of wanting to come out any time soon so enjoy being safe in my belly a while longer little girl, but just know that I can't wait to hold you and kiss those sweet cheeks!  You are already SO loved by SO many.  We are all waiting on pins and needles ready for you to get here.  See you soon our sweet Juliet!



Third Trimester Updates

Sleep:  I've been able to sleep throughout this entire pregnancy.  However, I've been told that I "saw logs" quite frequently. For the past couple weeks I've been waking up every night around 4.  I can set my clock by it.  That's also the time of night that I would feel queasy during my first trimester... Makes me wonder when this little one will make her appearance.  
Belly Button:  Still in, but pretty much invisible & closed shut. LOL!  
Maternity Clothing:  I love what I bought.  I have only purchased a couple dresses, no tops really- they were all given to me, and 3 pairs of pants.  All very versatile.  I bought lots of blacks and grays and were able to wear it all with different jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.   
Weird Moments:  Random hiccups!  I hiccup all. the. time.  At random moments and just once or twice.  I'm really hoping that it all stops once she's here.  
Best Moments:  All the showers and gifts from my friends and family!  She is so loved and it warms my heart!
Cravings:  Ice.  I chew ice constantly! AND Watermelon... Like, hand-the-cashier-an-empty-watermelon-container kind of craving.  
Weight Gain:  30 lbs.- 15 of that is in my nose and face!
Looking Forward to:  Seeing her dressed in all her cute holiday outfits with the beautiful bows I've bought for her.  It's sad how excited I am about dressing my baby for holidays and just every days. :)


The Lishias