Juliet Frances Lishia ~ October 26th ~ 7:44 pm 
7 lbs 1 oz ~ 21 inches

  First and foremost, thank you all so much for the sweet posts and comments on Juliet's birth.  I enjoyed reading all of your well wishes and kind words... especially in the wee hours of the morning during feedings! :)  Delivery and recovery have been very kind to me and I feel so very blessed to have had this experience.

So without further adieu, here is the reader's digest version of our sweet Juliet's birth day...

     Sleeping comfortably at night had become a thing of the past, so I had slept downstairs Saturday night in the recliner.  I was sleeping very soundly when my water broke early Sunday morning around 5:50 am.  I didn't want to wake anyone up just yet because I wasn't 100% sure, so I snuck upstairs and called the hospital.  After answering 1 million questions, (one being- had I been in an ebola affected area in the past 21 days...), I was put on hold and the lady on the other end contacted my doctor.  When she came back on the line she stated in a very chipper voice, "Brittany, your doctor said to come on in".  I was stunned.  I couldn't believe it was actually happening.  (I'm not use to waiting 10 months for something that I want!)  :)  I quickly woke my mom and Joey up from their slumber to tell them the exciting news and we headed out!

     I was to the hospital and into an elegant pink hospital gown by 7:30 am.  They verified that I was indeed in labor by 9:45 and it was now safe to say, the party was officially starting!  We began calling and texting friends and family to let them know the news.  The day went by so extremely fast and to be honest, time hasn't seemed to slow down much since!  :(  I tried to enjoy each moment while there, but it slipped by so quickly.

     By 11:00, I had not dilated much at all.  My nurse assigned me "homework" while she left the room for a bit.  I had to walk the halls for an hour and then roll around on a yoga ball during contractions after the walk.  Again, not much change, so they started pitocin.  By 5:00, I had had an epidural and all was well in the world again.  The anesthetist had to administer the epidural twice and it wouldn't have been so bad, but I had 3 contractions during the procedure.  Not a picnic.

      I didn't have long to relax and enjoy that wonderful heavy feeling in my legs before I started feeling our little one making her entrance into the world.  Juliet was exactly 1 week late, but when she was ready to join us- she meant she was coming, and NOW!  At this point my entire body started shaking and I knew my adrenaline was kicking in..  Joey & I held hands as we prayed that our little girl would come into the world safely and QUICKLY!  We knew this was it.  My nurses were yelling at me, telling me not to push and one ran out to get my doctor.  A few minutes later he walked in with the biggest smile on his face and all the cheerleaders nurses got ready!  They very quickly briefed me on how things were going to go and finally they gave me the go ahead to start pushing!  
Which was music to my ears.  
There was such an excitement in the room.  I'll never forget how chatty and encouraging the nurses were and how calm and happy my doctor was...  After what felt like an eternity, she was born at 7:44 pm in the 4th quarter of the Steeler vs. Colts game. (It was playing in the background... or so I was told.)  I couldn't help but sob uncontrollably when they laid her on my chest.  It was definitely one of the best moments of my life!

     Dr. Barnes with Dad and Juliet.  I had the sweetest and most attentive nurses as well as a very sharp doctor for delivery.  

     The rest of our stay at the hospital was so enjoyable; spending time with family and snuggling with Juliet.  The first night we got a whopping 3 hours of sleep, but didn't care- all I wanted to do was stare at this little miracle that God had entrusted us to take care of and love.  I will never forget these first little moments as a family of three.  

We are so blessed and thank God everyday 
for such a perfect little girl, {in mommy and daddy's eyes}.  


The Lishias