Relax, I'm not pregnant.  The big news is that our house went on the market Monday night!  Ok, well it's big news for us.  We're not sure where we're moving to, but we're excited.  (More like half scared/half excited.)  We've lived in this house for 3 years.  That's 3 years of memories: holidays, graduations, parties, bringing home baby, etc., so it'll definitely be hard leaving her behind as we go on with our lives.  There really isn't a specific reason for selling other than the market is really good right now... that and the fact that we're completely out of our minds for moving- again.  Honestly, we would rather be in a different part of Charlotte; closer to Joey's work, church, and the city.  We've been looking for another house for the past 2 months and now that our's is for sale, we can start thinking about offers, paperwork, and all that fun stuff.  Our first open house is tomorrow... keep your fingers crossed!

On another note, I had to rip down all my Christmas decor really fast before we left for PA, (we met Joey's family there for New Years), so that our realtor could do a showing, and as always I was sad to see it all go.  Since we've been back, I've been sneaking a few pink and red things around the house...
Moving can't stop us from having some holiday fun!  Juliet's not impressed with the new Valentine's decorations...  Ha, that face!

She is going to love all the valentine stickers and glitter this year, for sure.  Last year we bought her a little mailbox for her highchair that we could pack all of her goodies into each year.  Here are a couple of my ideas for this year!  

tights  :  book  :  pillows  :  lights

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to a new year!  Ours has been pretty busy and hectic with our PA trip, trying to keep the house tidied and tour-ready with a 1 year old, and cleaning out the house of junk so we can start thinking about boxes, 
labels, packaging tape, and bubble wrap! 

Speaking of moving, I will leave you with one of my favorite moments from Friends.  (It's between this one and Ross's leather pants episode.  "The lotion and powder have made a paste." Hahahaha!)  Joey and I always seem to work in the "Piv-aaat" moment some time during the process of moving.  Chandler get's me every time.   Have a great weekend everyone!