December 2015

Age: 14 months

Stats: 21 lbs 4 oz (eye still running- surgery scheduled)

Sleep: sleeping through the night

Clothing: 12-18 months shirts and pants.  She has a few pajamas that are 2T already, but I have to roll up the sleeves.  

Favorite Foods:  Beans, ravioli, green beans, oreos, mac & cheese, chicken

Favorite Activities:  Climbing the furniture, watching shows like Curious George, Kipper, and Winnie the Pooh on the iPad, rolling a ball or tossing a ball to you, and looking at herself in the mirror.

Favorite Things:

book  :  amber necklace  :  bib  :  race car ramp  :  car seat

Funny Things I Do:  
Cutting her eyes to her Daddy when Mama gets onto her for trying to climb her way to the dining room table.  (floor-chair-table)
Playing peek-a-boo by putting her hands on her head; not on her eyes.
Sneaking into the bathroom to play with the toilet brush.  (Luckily we've always caught her before she could chew on it... Haha!)
Swings are arms and claps to music while trying to out-do Mariah Carey on high notes.

Other Milestones:  We've been working on walking.  She still walks a little pigeon toed and marches when she's taking steps.  The movements are still pretty foreign to her.  We have another month to work on that.  We'll get there!  She got her first haircut this month.  Her hair was all different lengths, so we just had the girl even it all.  She also got her "big girl" car seat this month, (as one of her Christmas gifts).  Shakes her head "NO!"  Can blow kisses and point her finger in the air (or at people).  She will randomly give a shout out to Jesus while playing.  


 This one can simply be described as either "can't hang" or "messy hair, don't care".

The stack fell just as she added the 5th block and was not a happy camper about starting over.

She also got her first haircut on the 12th by the sweetest girl. We loved her and will definitely be going back.  Juliet was beside herself being in that car- as you can plainly see.
This is my favorite face that she makes.  I couldn't get over how cute the police car was... to protect and serve.  I wanted to take it home.  Why don't they make play cars to look like this?

Christmas morning.  (I listed this ramp in with her monthly favorites.)  She'll sit forever and play with this thing.  It might look complicated, but it's very rewarding.  Even for babies her age!  It was probably her favorite thing she got for Christmas.