We weren't expecting snow so soon in the year.  We usually get one, maybe two snows a year between January and March, and this year it came early!  Friday night when we went to bed, it was just sleeting and we were starting to doubt the forecast of 4-8 inches by morning.  Nevertheless, we sat our boots out by the door in hopes that we would wake up to a Winter wonderland!  Not sure of when it started snowing, but by the time Juliet woke up there was probably two inches of snow in some spots.  We waited for it to warm up, then threw on lots of layers and headed outside!

When we came back in we made a big breakfast and warmed up by the fire.  I love that when it snows here in the South everything shuts down and everyone's to-do list gets put on hold.  Luckily, Joey grew up driving in snow and ice so after Juliet's nap we headed over to my sister-in-law's house for pizza, cards, and cannoli. It made for a wonderful weekend.

Juliet keeps bringing me my phone so we can watch the videos of her sledding and playing.  She had so much fun and her eyes light up every time she hears herself laugh on the videos.  I hope we get at least one more snow before the winter is over, we just love snow days weekends!

Hope you all got to enjoy a little winter magic where ever you are!  XOXO!