In the midst of cardboard boxes, we've managed to keep life going as normal as possible but I'm sure Juliet is wondering what in the world is going on.  Her room is a 1/3 of the way packed away, so far.   We sold her poppy red dresser before the move to another couple expecting a little boy in May.  I was so happy that it was going to another Mama and baby to enjoy.  Her room in the new house is a little less "nursery" and a little bit more "playroom".  She's getting to be a big girl!  The calendar says 16 months, but my Mama brain can't seem to except it.  

Age:  16 months

Stats: 22 lbs even

Sleep:  Sleeps through the night- Naps are usually about an hour & a half.

Clothing: Still fits 12-18 clothes but we've started wearing a couple 24 month & 2T things.  (Mostly dresses since the weather has been nice!)  Pajamas all day- Ery' day!

Favorite Foods:  Pineapple, pasta, french toast, Ritz crackers, sweet potato fries, graham crackers, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, & grapes.

Words:  We're talking now!  (Well, saying more than Da & Mama.)  She pretends to talk on the phone but hasn't learned the art of conversation.  All she says is "He-doe" or "He-woe"... both meaning "Hello"!  She has a stuffed puppy that she loves- "puh" and she can say Jack, which usually comes out "Jay".  

Favorite Activities:  Cleaning up is a big thing lately. Since we moved and every room is basically a disaster, I've let her play in boxes with stickers.  She loves the foam ones from Target that come in a box.  (She can peel those easily!)  Afterwards she will help pick up every little piece of paper and sticker left behind. Two fun interests combined! Also, I've got to get this girl her own makeup bag.  Maybe clean out some old containers and pallets for her to play with... I can't keep her out of mine!  Bath time has become I favorite.  It's always more fun when you add a few glow sticks.  (I bought these at the Dollar Tree for her Valentine mailbox.  You can also buy them here.)  I have found that they also help distract her when she's being fussy in stores or in the car.  

Favorite Things:

Funny Things I Do:  She makes the best faces in the mirror!  She also hugs herself now.  It's seriously the cutest thing.  She hugs herself as tight as she can and pats her arm with her hand.  Now if you say "I", she'll hug herself (for love) and then say "you" in the sweetest, highest pitched voice.  And I save the best for last----- making spit bubbles.  

Other Milestones:  Talking more and she has taken 3 steps... progress!  Also we've started using just a little bit of fluoride toothpaste this month.  Not everyday, just a couple times a week to make sure her teeth are getting really clean.  For the other times, I just use the non-flouride toothpaste.  


We celebrated Valentine's Day with balloons, presents, and another house showing!  (Ha!  For a back-up offer.)  Juliet had her first day-date at the aquarium with Jack.  They had so much fun see the sharks and sting-rays.  We even got to pet a starfish!