It's beginning to get really cold out and Thanksgiving plans are well underway!  We are home for Thanksgiving this year, no travel plans... we're saving those for Christmas.  This month has been pretty low key; putting out Fall decor, ordering Christmas cards, and doing the mundane everyday chores that seem to consume my life at times.  HA!

Age:  13 months

Stats:  21 pounds (eye still running water)

Sleep:  Going through sleep regression.  Most nights she sleeps from 10-4 then from 6-9 or 10

Clothing:  She can still wear her 6-12 month pajamas from GAP but she's starting to fit into most of her 12-18 month clothes that we've recently bought for her.  

Favorite Foods:  Blueberries, Pineapple, Ritz Crackers, Broccoli, Cheese, Pancakes, Yogurt

Favorite Activities:  Reading and looking through books, stacking blocks, climbing the stairs, ripping pages out of magazines, playing "airplane",  pulling out all my nail polishes, watching me put on makeup, and playing with her eyelashes (and mamas).

Favorite Things
Doll World Pram  :  Munchkin Cup

Funny Things I Do:

Squinting her eyes and nose while waving at complete strangers.  
Giving her stuffed animals the biggest squeezes.  (She hugs them so tight)  
She sits in shopping carts with both legs in the air.  
Puts everything on her head and crawls around.  
Puts her foot on the table while she eats.  

Other Milestones:  She's pulling up more and walking around toys and furniture.
Signing more and all done (when she wants to).  Mimicking us holding crayons/pencils to write.  Knows what to do when we say "put your legs down" when we're changing her diaper.  


Playing at the park across the street before the really cold weather set in. 

Having Thanksgiving at Aunt Chantelle's & Uncle Adam's.  

Enjoying her first turkey leg.  She spent Thanksgiving last year snoozing away.  

Helping Mama do some Christmas baking in the kitchen.

Doing some Christmas shopping at Target with her buddy Ruddy.

Her first "all girls" Christmas party.

Her first attempt to write/draw.  
This was her cousin's toy, but she was very intrigued by the lights and thought she'd give it a go.  

What she loves doing e-ver-ry-day; climbing!

I'm one proud mama.