Happy Halloween from our little dear deer!  

This is simply the best time of year.  I love our neighborhood on Halloween night!  
We have a ton of trick-or-treaters and it's definitely a night of children frolicking and running amok!

This clip from Hocus Pocus... when 
Sarah Jessica Parker gets carried away on "Hallow's Eve" is the best.

We didn't take Juliet from house to house.  Instead we sat on our porch and handed out candy.  
We had planned on her being a bunny, since that's what Joey calls her mostly, but we had to go with the deer idea because someone threw her bunny ears out of the car in Michael's parking lot Halloween Eve & I didn't realize it until we got home.  HA!  We're the hot mess express, I tell ya.

Thankfully, we had the mask left over from her party and the "antlers" were a last minute idea while we were on a walk.  She was cute nonetheless.

We all slept in until about 10:00... (It was lovely to say the least.)  Had cinnamon and sugar waffles cut into witch hats and black cats.  Went to Target to buy candy... which is the best time to buy it- btw!  Came home.  Got ready.  Handed out our treats to all the cute Minions, Elsas, Annas, Super Heros, Pirates, Fairies, and Katniss Everdeens. 
And afterwards we went to a friends house where they had a fire and smores!

She had her first taste of candy, which was a bubble gum sucker.  
We were both covered in sticky, pink drool by the end of the evening.  

Hope you all had a fun & festive day!  Until next year... 


The Lishias