Whew!  This past month has been a doozie!  Almost to the day of our sweet girl turning 8 months old, she began teething something fierce.  She quit sleeping and started drooling and gnawing on anything, everything, or anybody.  It took her most of the month, but her 2 bottom/front teeth popped through- finally!  Because I'm not going to a job early in the mornings, I'm able to be up with her on those restless nights and it's made it a lot easier for all of us.  However, Joey has become quite the "Daddy Robot".  The moment she makes a sound his feet hit the floor- awake or not.  It's honestly hysterical to witness!

I love her monthly pictures... each one shows just how much she is changing.  She's growing into such a sweet, mischievous, and silly girl that loves to hide behind things and suddenly jump out to scare you. (And you have to jump or she will continue to make zombie noises until you do.)  She still loves to be rocked and swaddled in her blanket at night, which I wouldn't change for anything.  We keep on having to struggle with dry skin though, (which means that we had to stop using my beloved Baby Magic.  So sad.  The lavender Baby Magic is my favorite).  We traded in the Baby Magic for the Honest Co. skin products.  If you moms have any other suggestions, please feel free to share!  I want to try Tubby Todd- it makes phenomenal bubbles and I've read that it's very mild on baby's skin.  I'm just curious as to how it smells.  Also, we're hoping that she doesn't have to have the procedure done that opens her tear duct.  Since she was 2 weeks old her right eye runs water sporadically.  It gets worse when we go outside and it takes awhile for it to get better each time.  I've tried to massage it as much as I can, but it was much easier to do when she was younger.  

Along with her 9 month favorites, she loves ripping magazines to smithereens and playing in the tub until the water is cold enough for penguins.  WARNING:  She will scream if you take her out too soon.  And to add to her least favorite things, let's just narrow it down to anything that straps her in; carseat, buggy, highchair...  She's fine after you click her in, but until then... shew!  

 She completely melts when she gets in water which means we can make more trips to our neighborhood pool this summer.

 She loves her reflection... obviously.

"Gotta kiss myself, I'm sa-pretty"

 Home from church.
Keep a bow in this girls hair if you can.  If it isn't a headband- it ain't stayin'.  Her hair is getting fuller and has good body too!  I actually fixed it with Davines Sea Salt spray and it gives it lots of volume.  It's our first thing to share as momma & daughter... She obviously can't wear my shoes yet.


Oh, Juliet and Jackson... their friendship is so sweet, yet so typical.  She follows him everywhere and he has to show off every time they're together.

Someone found Daddy's candy.  Look at that face...

 Shopping with baby in tow.

Blurry but a goody.

We love you so much Juliet Frances and watching you grow and change every day is such a blessing!  You capture everyone's heart with your big smile and sweet spirit and we become more and more proud of you every single day.