I'm trying to slow down and not think about the fact that Michaels, Pottery Barn, and World Market all have their Fall decor out right now!  After the 4th of July, I constantly fight the urge to fill my house with pumpkins and spice candles.  Luckily, this year I've found a great 'cheat' candle.  It has just enough smokey-pine scent to remind you of blankets, fire pits, and smores, but enough vanilla to be used anytime.  It's a Target exclusive and isn't on their website yet however, it's called Cozy Nights.  Also- NFL preseason starts in like, 2.5 weeks... Until then I'll soak up the last few weeks of flip-flops, sundresses, and watermelon shakes from Cook Out.

The Summer brought many new experiences for us all.  For Joey and me; middle of the night wake up calls- and for Juliet; 2 new teeth, (they both came in at the same time).  She is also eating more solid foods than ever, which has made mealtime a big production at our house now and diaper time a fiasco!  It has left me screaming, "There's poop on my finger!  There's poop on my finger!", several times- which weren't my exact words but you get the idea.

Here are a few Summer favorites... some of which include mealtime favorites and even though the list should include cords, door stops, and shoes, this is the more acceptable list of things that she loves!  

Our pool days are almost over but I will gladly trade them for denim jackets, scarves, and cute boots! Has anyone picked out their little's Halloween costume yet?  It's hard shopping for 12-18 month Fall clothes for my girl, but I know it's a must.