29 weeks down, 11 more to go... (hopefully no more)!  

Summer is almost gone and so is this pregnancy.  I'm now in my third trimester and it seems to be going smoothly.  I've heard that sometimes the third can resemble the first in some ways, but so far so good.  


Sleep:  Sleep is definitely been a close companion during this pregnancy.  However, I wake up several times in the night with extreme heartburn.  UGH!
Belly Button:  Still in and getting smaller every day... However, it looks like a mini kiddie pool through clothing.  LOL!
Maternity Clothing:  I haven't bought many things.  I have found that maternity clothes do not fit very well.  I've bought several items from GAP and Old Navy that are either maternity or are lose enough to wear.  My favorite things to wear are these yoga pants from GAP.  
Weird Moments:  Nose bleeds.  One happened in a restaurant and I thought we were going to have to leave it was so bad.  
Best Moments:  Joey finally getting to feel her kick and watching his face light up!
Cravings:  Five Guys Burgers
Weight Gain:  13 pounds
Looking Forward to:  School starting!  Buying new school supplies, new clothes, and meeting all my new students!


The Lishias