I could easily wipe out our entire bank account at the book store in just a few seconds.  I always go through Barnes and Noble stacking books in my arms until I can't hold any more and then take them all to a table, lay them out and try to decide which "ONE" I'm going to buy.  Over the course of (almost) two years, we've been given or have bought some pretty cute books for Juliet and these are a few of MY favorites.  Now that she's old enough to sit in my lap and be still through an entire book, we've been buying her more storybooks instead of counting/word/color books.  

Gaston is the cutest story about finding your place in a strange world, plus it has the cutest puppy names that will make you smile when you read/hear them.  Jules' favorites are, "Fifi & Foo-Foo".  

Paris- Up, Up & Away is an amazing light and shadow book made of delicate silhouettes throughout Paris.  Some of the story takes place during the day and some at night.  No color; just black and white pictures.  It encourages a child's imagination by personifying the Eiffel Tower.  It begins by saying, "The Eiffel Tower is bored today.  Wouldn't it be nice to fly away?"  This isn't a book that I can leave on the shelf just yet, but I read it to her and tell her how gently we have to touch each page so that one day I can entrust her with it alone.  
It would be a beautiful gift or keepsake if you have been to Paris or plan to go.   

Cats' Night Out is so much fun!  We use to read it as a bedtime story but since I created a soundtrack to play as I read, it has become a fun "playtime" book!  Juliet goes around the room dancing as I read and show her the pictures.  Her favorite is the "Polka" page... shoot me now.  
The book has two main elements- One: It introduces all types of cultural music.  Two: It counts by "2s" in the book... since each cat dances with a partner!  It also prompts your child, by saying, "How many cats will dance tonight?" Then they can "guess" what number is next- counting by 2s.  

Here is the playlist you can follow on Spotify.  Feel free to use it while you're reading the book or   as inspiration to create your own, maybe even for another book you love!  

And lastly, Flora and the Flamingo.  This book is a wordless picture book and can be told through the perspective of the reader through the illustrations.  We basically just look at the beautiful drawings right now, but these books are great for older children as well.  I always used these types of books in my classroom to help the children make predictions based on the setting, characters, emotions, and use of color.  

Here's a link that shares more about wordless books; more book options and how to implement them into your storytime specifically for your child.  

These are Juliet's picks and I know this because she brings them to me to read every. single. night.  I have read Happy Hippo, Angry Duck until the pages are starting to peel.  

Ten Twinkly Stars is a counting book starting at 10 and going to 1.  She loves counting each star, which they are all "2" right now because that's the only number we can say.  But it's a perfect bedtime story because it talks about the animals bedding down in their habitats.

I loved reading Juliet Plant a Kiss, when she was younger because it has one or two words per page.  This came in handy when she went through the stage of wanting to only turn the pages and NOT read.  It allowed me to actually read a storyline to her while she sifted the through the pages at lightening speed.  

And Little Owl's Night is another great night time story.  I think this is her favorite of favorites!  Which she "hoots" from start to finish, so "whoooo" knows if she's even hearing the story? HA... Sorry.    

Happy Hippo, Angry Duck is one of those I could read in my sleep.  "Hello friend, how are you today? Is your mood quite terrific or only ok?"  

What are some of your favorite reads?  We would love to hear!  
And please don't say it's, Fox in Socks.