With all those changes going on,  I wanted to move on to something a little bit more "fun" and impractical.  (And of course... my mind went straight to Jules.)  When we moved, we got rid of her wooden & very large, poppy red dresser because... 1- we didn't want to fool with moving big bulky furniture this time around and 2- we knew that in the new house her room would serve as bedroom and playroom so we needed the space.  That left us with her gold Jenny Lind crib and the gray Graham glider from West Elm, as far as furniture goes.  Kind of a blank canvas really. 
So I've bought a couple things and even though I've decided which one we're going with, I included both mood boards that I created in this process, thinking it might be useful to someone else.  

I created the top one first and decided it didn't have the amount of whimsy that I wanted; that's when I added in the puppies, garland, & larger prints.  

Either way, Juliet's new room is built around all things "whimsical", her love for puppies. and Mama's love for everything pink.  My favorite item out of these two boards is the Honey pillow from the Emily & Meritt line from Pottery Barn Kids.  Mainly because the other side of the pillow says, Bunny... which is what we call her sometimes.  Her room will be one of the first completed rooms in the house and because of that, my favorite.  

For a list of products and sources from these boards click here.  

Hope you guys have a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday!