It isn't our official start of summer, but who would pass up a weekend getaway with friends?!  It was our second annual Memorial Day trip to Ocean Isle, NC with a group of Charlotte friends.  The weather was a sporadic mess, but it did allow us about 2-4 hours of beach time each day.  Juliet loved the water... Well, until she fell face-first into it!  Mom of the year, right here.  Her favorite thing was playing in the sand.  She was the epitome of quiet and content while scooping, pouring, shaking, sprinkling, digging, and eating.  We got down there on Friday and drove back yesterday so it was short-lived, but worth it all the same!  We had a blast eating, chatting, sight-seeing, and laughing our heads off!  I thought I'd share a couple of pictures before our day really got cray-cray with de-sanding everything.  Hope you all had a relaxing and beautiful weekend!