One of the (many) hidden gems of this house is the swimming pool.  It was super gross when we moved in and we knew that it needed to be one of the first "fixes" that we should tackle.  Joey's dad drove down this past weekend with a friend and they helped Joey clean it out and put a Meyco safety cover over it so that we could one, pass inspection and two, sleep better at night.  We love the thought of having a pool and all the fun that goes along with it, but it terrified the both of us thinking about what "could happen" if we didn't have the cover.  Our pool is a 17x35 oval pool, which we found out is oddly shaped when we were looking for a cover.  Most pools are 18x36.  I guess they just built everything in this house a little smaller than normal- doorways, kitchen counters, pools... So we went with Meyco because their covers are customize to fit your pool perfectly.  

Here are a few pictures of the process of cleaning the pool and I warn you, the first few are pretty gross.  This was the previous cover.  Whoever installed it might need to rethink their line of work.  I mean really, at this point what's the purpose?  Those planters and bricks were screamin' for some relief.  

Hosing off the goo and slim after pumping out all the water, which took about 6 hours.  

 If you look closely you'll notice that dead tree in the back is now gone! Yay!  
(Thanks to Pappy!)

 Cannonball anyone?

The sun has taken the blue color from the liner but after about 5 gallons of bleach, it's a bright white. White pools...that's a thing, right?

**DISCLAIMER**  If you're afraid of snakes stop reading here.

The guys did find a little friend during cleanup.  

(Hopefully he doesn't have a mama still under the liner.)  Now... Who wants to come swimming?