I can't get away with the heart onesies or red and pink outfits as well as Juliet so it's extremely fun to dress her for holidays, especially Valentine's Day.  We are recouping from our 3 snow days at home and I thought it would be a fun time to share a few cute Valentine outfits that I've come across before they're all gone!  Last year she was such a tiny little peanut in her I "heart" U onesie from Old Navy.  
Other than these pajamas and outfits, there are a few things that Juliet has had for a while that she's been wearing quite often this month!  Like these Carters pajamas and this outfit from Carters.  (It's no longer available from the store but you can still buy it on Amazon.)

pajamas  :  dress  :  necklace  :  shoes  :  tee

boots  :  backpack  :  pajamas  :  hat  :  sweatshirt

What are some traditions that you guys enjoy for Valentine's with your cuties?  Making cookies? Wearing festive clothes? Mailing cute little valentines to friends and family? Making gifts for each other?  Juliet will be sending out a few valentines this year and I've been eyeing these for a while... how cute is it that you can personalize them?  Happy February everyone!