Juliet's favorite toy now is a play table that my sister-in-law gave us and she absolutely loves it! :)  I love the occupational therapy side of my job.  During college I had to take several OT classes and they were so interesting.  I remember reading and being so inspired.  I wanted to implement what I was learning immediately.  Well now, I'm getting to dust off those textbooks and use some of what I learned to help her grow and gain strength.

One- Even as a newborn, I took the legs off and propped it up next to her to encourage her to find her "midline".  Babies are not born with midline orientation. They have to be taught through experiences on their side to get a sense of balance, symmetry, and it's also an introduction to defining sides; left and right. 

Two-   I added two legs so that is was on an incline.  This allowed her to practice sitting and reaching for things that might be out of reach.  

We also put her on her tummy while it was positioned like this and it was so rewarding watching her shift her weight onto one arm while she reached for the lights and toys with the other.  

This table has completely changed the way we do tummy time. :)  
It's our favorite pastime now! 


The Lishias