This completes her first year of monthly documentation.  I can still remember getting her dressed and laying her down on her furry rug to take her first month picture... I was so worried about the rug being itchy and scratchy on her sweet baby skin.  Now we've gotta think about how to take next years pictures, 'cause this whole "ok, you lay down here and be very still while I snap a picture" has become near to impossible.  I usually end up tickling her with my feet while trying to change my shutter speed at the same time.  (There needs to be a shutter speed on every camera that is simply entitled, "baby".)  Here's a recap of our 12th month!

21 lbs   25 1/4 inches

 Yeah, wasn't kidding last month.  I told you she like to put things on her head.
Especially socks & blankets.  My weird child.

Why do I even bother with the slip cover?  This is how is usually ends up.  No shame.

 She got caught.  Actually we stood by and watched her pull out every bag... the girl's persistent.  
(I promise I do buy my child toys.)

Watching the political debate.  She's more interested than I am, obviously.  

 I usually let her play in the tub while I do a quick clean sweep of her bedroom before it's lights out.  I love hearing her squeal and splash, it makes me all teary-eyed some nights.  
And that's not ok, because teary-eyes usually lead to Fritos.

I can't wait to experience a-whole-nother year with you, little girl!  With every passing day we are learning more and more about who you truly are and we just continue to fall head over heels.  I don't know what I love most about you... the way you get so tickled that you get uncontrollable hiccups or the way you finish your dinner head-first, licking the tray clean like a puppy or the way you wrap your arm around my neck so tight in the mornings and pat my shoulder.  You just make my day.    

We'll end with some more birthday goodness!