So now that the watermelon "bump" is gone I can enjoy so many things that I have missed for 9 months.  (Well, like 6 months...)  However, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Here are a few things that I've enjoyed now that it's gone...

1.  Sleeping comfortably.
2.  Brushing my teeth and being able to reach the sink to spit! :)
3.  Giving hugs.
4.  Being hugged.
5.  Bending down and not having to squat.
       -Let's just stop here for second and say...  While you're pregnant, anything that can fall-will fall and you will have to pick it up like a 500 pound sumo wrestler.  Half of the time I just left it on the ground; or if it was really important, I watched in fall to the ground in the same manner a 2 year old would watch their balloon float off into space.  
6.  Wearing regular clothes.
7.  Walking... without a waddle.
8.  Having a clean shirt sans food/condiment stains.
9.  Buckling my seatbelt after one, single pull.
10.  Seeing my feet.
I wanted to document the different stages of my pregnancy, so that one day I can share them with Juliet and tell her all the horrid wonderful things I experienced while pregnant with her.  

So I give you.... the bump through the seasons! :)
Winter- 6 weeks  Spring- 12 weeks  Summer- 28 weeks  Fall- 39 weeks

How did you document your pregnancy?  
Weekly photos, monthly photos, by a pro, daily in the same spot, make a belly cast?  


The Lishias